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Zero-Waste swaps you can make right now

Limiting my impact on our planet is something I am very passionate about but in a world surrounded by plastic wrapped produce it can sometimes feel like there's too many things to tackle. It's important not to get so overwhelmed you give up and go back to a life full of waste. So here's some simple (and cheap) swaps you can do right now without too much work to get you started. Every little helps.

Plastic bags to reusable bags. Now this doesn't mean rushing to buy a whole hoard of hemp bags, it just means reusing the ones you already have, maybe its bags you brought from the supermarket yesterday, when you go tomorrow, bring these ones back! You've now stopped up to 5 bags from being wasted and will save many more.

Packaged produce to package free. Intstead of reaching for the pack of 4 apples in a plastic bag, just buy 4 individual ones. Sometimes this even works out cheaper!

Plastic water bottle to fill up and go. Instead of buying a bottle of branded water bottle at the shops, just fill up your own! This actually saves you money as the water in your tap (or your office, gym, workplace) is free! You could save hundreds of pounds a year with this tip!

Paper towel for cloth. Instead of buying paper towels you will use for 10 seconds and then throw away you can use old tea towels cut up into squares that can be washed and used over and over.

Paper cups to keep cups. If you buy a coffee every day you throw away a cup every day, this cup will last for hundreds of years after your done with it. Investing a small amount of money in a reusable cup will reduce your plastic impact drastically. Many coffee shops also offer discounts for bringing your own cup!

Plastic straw to no straw. Many zero wasters talk about metal straws, and while I do own some it's just as easy and cheap to avoid them altogether. I do however recognise that those with physical disabilities can benefit greatly from straws and in this case a metal/glass/bamboo straw can be a useful tool. So next time you're sipping on a cocktail just sip consciously and ask them not to give you a straw when you order.

These simply and penny-saving swaps can make all the difference, so whether you're just beginning your zero-waste journey or are planning on making big swaps later on; these simple steps will give you a good place to start.

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