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Yoga Teacher Training

What I Learned and What's Next

October 2019 I began my journey to become a yoga teacher. Under the careful hands at Falmouth Yoga Space I began what would be a year of not only learning but self-exploration. Never could I have imagined the phenomenal mindset shift required to undertake this training.

On our first night together we wrote ourselves a Sankalpa (a kind of affirmation) for the next year. I promised I would devote myself entirely, push through challenges and do it all with a truthfulness to myself. We worked through thousands of years of yogic philosophy with passion and devotion. We uncovered the deepest meanings of yoga that I had never even begun to question before. And most importantly I studied myself. Doing all with this promise to myself as a reminder of why I was doing this at all.

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Many will know that early 2019 I returned back from 6 months of travelling with severe anxiety, to the point where I struggled to leave the house and often had breakdowns at work or while out with family. I was lucky to receive counselling through a local women’s crisis centre and over a few months I worked to get myself back to a place of stability. I worked really hard through this time to get my anxiety under control, but after years of trying to control the damage that had been done from an abusive relationship and subsequent years trying to forget it was one of the most emotionally taxing things I had ever gone through.

I am lucky for that work, and I am even luckier that this yoga teacher training did not just teach me yoga. It taught me of my own inner power, of my interconnectedness with the entire universe. It kickstarted an awakening to subjects I had long considered to be an illusion. Spirituality and devotion have never been a part of my life, I always considered myself to be a staunch atheist. But what I have realised is that I am not an atheist, I am aware that I am only a small part of a much bigger picture, it was the concept of ‘god’ as some big white man in the sky that I didn’t identify with. Learning and understanding the philosophy of yoga and all of the religions it has influenced has shown me that that is just not my version of god. But that god exists as a part of all of us, it is within us, we are god in our own way. This helped my mental health more than I can begin to describe, and at 23 years old this past year has truly changed who I am as a person through both of these experiences.

As I said before, not something I thought I was going to get out of a yoga teacher training but I am blessed to have received this understanding.

I went to every class I could get to, usually about 6 classes a week. Getting up early and doing double classes just to get as much yoga in my life as I could, alongside my waitressing job where I was on my feet all day. I began to uncover a strength and connection with my body that I had never felt before. I felt this inner power, I felt this connection to a higher purpose, I knew this was right.

The first class I taught as part of my training was a car-crash. Unsure of myself and afraid, I was standing on the edge of a cliff waiting to fall off. And I did fall off, hard. But through the support and motivation of my teachers and fellow students I worked my little butt off to cultivate a strong teaching practise so I could fully realise my potential. And now after a few hard months and a pandemic to boot, I have completed the task I set out to undertake. I studied and passed my practical and written exams with a lot of patience and hard work and I can honestly say I am so proud of myself for getting through it.

And now, I am here. Ready to learn more, eager to get going, to share what I learned and cultivate this inner strength and devotion in as many people who want to. So what is next for me?

Firstly, I don’t intend for this to be my only teacher training and in fact I hope to complete another possibly next year (or whenever I can get the money together). I want to learn from different lineages and styles to find out even more about this practise. I will be working hard on my own practise, cultivating my own power. Teaching as much as I can so I can keep practising and become the best I can be. And most importantly sharing this all with you. Dear friend.

My little corner of the internet has long been a place simply for me to share my thoughts and what I’m doing. We started as a vegan page, and then a zero waste page, lifestyle, conscious living and so many more things. I have been blessed to find friends and community who have allowed me to grow into the woman I am becoming (and putting up with changes to my content.)

So now, I move towards this new phase, another change, I am bringing more structure and more focus to my content. I want to share with you how you can bring these ancient philosophies into your life. To remind us all that yoga is not just an exercise routine. But it is the practise of connecting to a higher purpose. That it is a way of life.

Through Instagram content and the launch of my youtube channel (coming very soon) I will be helping to amplify the teachings of yoga as a way of life. And I have some very exciting things planned.

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I can’t wait for our new journey together.


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